5 Challenges Most Intuitives Face

Almost without exception, my Intuitive friends and clients have faced a unique set of challenges in this left-brained world. My hope is that in reading them, you recognize yourself and your gifts for all the beauty contained therein.

  1. Intuitives’ physical bodies absorb disease, if they’re not careful. First, they find themselves ill more than the “average” person. I’ve learned that this is because they are above average in their openness and sensitivity to energies. They pick up on, and often absorb, energies that others aren’t even noticing. When there’s not adequate energetic-protection, they take on the dis-ease around them, the funky energy patterns. Intuitives often find themselves drained, or sick, and stuck in the frustrating pattern of not being able to give to the world in the ways they so deeply want to give. For you, Intuitive: With this in mind, two of the most important things you can do are 1) accept that self-care helps you to help others, and 2) learn to protect yourself energetically.
  2. They are considered dramatic, over-sensitive, and/or are accused of making things up. Sure they can’t explain how they know what they know. Nor are they right all of the time (who is?). But they aren’t making this stuff up. Intuitives do know things the rest of the world isn’t keyed in on. Sometimes this includes full-on visions or well-developed psychic skills. For many Intuitives, their insights come as a sense, a feeling, a knowing. They’re not making it up, and it’s not airy-fairy. In fact, we all have this ability – it’s just a matter of nature, ie. how close to the surface, or easily accessible our intuitive connections are to us, from birth; and nurture i.e. how much time we’ve put into developing them. For you, Intuitive: remind yourself that your gifts are real – you do experience the world differently from others. Have compassion for yourself (don’t doubt you!), as well as for those who don’t understand. And keep developing your skills – you were graced with them, and you have much to offer the world.
  3. There was a time when they pushed their gifts away. We are all born with a good deal of intuitive skills, some of us more than others. I refer to this as “how thick or thin our veil is.” As we grow older, most of us are taught to thicken our veil. For some it’s an easy process; lots of pressure from caregivers to conform, or its just not in our cards to keep the veil thin. For others, the veil doesn’t thicken much at all – perhaps because their gifts are encouraged, or simply because that’s their dharma – that’s the way it’s going to be in this lifetime. For those growing up with a thin veil, there comes a time when those visions or knowings begin getting you in real trouble – with teachers, parents, and most importantly, friends. So they push it down, they hide it, they ignore it. Which, in essence, is a pushing down of one’s own nature, and the discord is felt as a sort of existential pain. It’s not an easy time, to say the least. But keep in mind that ut is formative in its own right. For you, Intuitive: give yourself permission to a) allow your gifts to return to their full power and light, and b) forgive yourself and others for those darker years and difficult times, knowing that everyone – including you – was doing the best they could.
  4. Intuitives work on a different timeline than others. While others are working on a set of external deadlines, the Intuitive is waiting for their own inner knowing to give them the green flag. Because Intuitives wait to feel aligned before they step into action, they often come into conflict with co-workers or partners who don’t understand, or are unwilling/unable to operate in different way of doing things. To the left-brained world, the Intuitive can come off as being flighty, as they miss deadlines waiting to “line up” with the task or project, rather than plowing through, as the left-brained world does. For the Intuitive, they often do their best work when they wait to be aligned – and yet there is often conflict based on the gap with how others operate. For you, Intuitive: Hopefully you’ve figured out some strategies to make your journey in this left-brained world a bit easier (yes, schedules do abound – it doesn’t serve you to intentionally fight against them). On the flip side, do what you can to verbalize how you operate, so that others can understand your process and work to meet you half way.
  5. There was a time (or times) when they felt disconnected from their gifts. At one point or another, most Intuitives have felt a loss of their gifts, a disconnect from their guides. It’s as though their veil suddenly thickened, or a deep fog settled in and their trusty navigation tools no longer work. This can be extremely disorienting, and even frightening, as the Intuitive is left feeling alone in a new world. The good news here is that this doesn’t have to last for long. Itis always an opportunity for the Intuitive to open themselves, and embrace a new type of growth. The disconnect is a chance to learn something new, as long as the Intuitive is willing to look at it from that perspective. Your guides, helpers, knowings are never gone – they just sometimes step into the background while you learn something you’ve been asking to learn.For you, Intuitive: know that your gifts are there, always with you, and will return to you as soon as they are meant to. Do your best not to feel angry or betrayed; instead, open and ask to be shown the lesson. You’ve relied on your gifts and guides this long, don’t doubt them now.

Clearly, there is a whole lot more going on beneath the surface of an Intuitive than most people can ever realize.

And somewhere along the line we lost the wisdom and tradition of honoring the unique ways Intuitivessee the world. My hope is that we’re beginning to honor them once again. I believe this is the case, and I hope this post helps the cause.

Even more importantly, I hope every Intuitive – each and every one of you reading this – find ways to honor yourself.

Be good to yourself.

Take care of yourself.

Have courage, every day.

Find whatever support you need to bring your Light to others.

The world needs you now more than ever.


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