Julianna is gifted with the ability to understand and inspire those around her. She enables others to reach great personal heights. She’s been an invaluable resource.
— LC; Program Manager, IBM Watson Solutions

Julianna Ricci elevates you and your life to the next level. Because you are worth it.



Julianna offers trainings and online workshops across the country that create deep shifts in a person's energy. These programs set in motion the life they've been yearning for. See below.


For those who are ready for laser-focused change in their lives, Julianna's private sessions will offer you precisely that. By combining intensive energy work with coaching, this work is unique & profound.



An easy way to bring energy work into your busy day. Julianna's podcasts bring the energy-shifting of her sessions and classes to you — on your own schedule. All you have to do is tune in & allow.