Body Wisdom Body Love

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Body Wisdom Body Love

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This package is the perfect introduction!

I am thrilled to offer these two amazing programs for a short time – through Friday February 17 – at a price that I hope you can't refuse.

Because you are worth it!

1. "Body Wisdom Body Love" MP3 Box Set ($29 value)

This series of 3 powerful guided visualizations and affirmations were designed specifically to launch you on a path of body transformation. Each MP3 is a different length, to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Simply by listening, you will set big changes in motion.


2. "How to Stop Over-Giving" 7-Day Home Study Program ($169 value)

Do you find yourself always giving your time and energy to others? Do you find that you're often drained and depleted?

Power, energy, joy, passion – these are the changes you set in motion with this 7-day home study program.

The program includes an elegant & inspiring workbook, 7 sets of daily exercises & mantras, and top techniques to connect you with your most powerful, compassionate self.

Order by February 17 and get both programs for just $19.

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