Photo: Terri Ricci Interiors, Fairfield CT

Photo: Terri Ricci Interiors, Fairfield CT

It all started when...

A friend moved into an old Victorian house down the street. She and I both knew what needed to be done: space-clearing. Soon others started hiring me to clear their spaces as well.

I like to remind people that "things" hold energy: projects, our bodies, our homes and offices. If the energy of a thing is "off" – blocked, negative, toxic, stuck in old patterns – no amount of effort on our part is going to get it to change.

But when we shift the energy, magic happens.

A few years after that, my sister-in-law – who is a brilliant, high-end interior designer in NYC, Aspen, the Vineyard, etc – asked me to "smudge," or clear the energy of, her office.

When she created her gorgeous new work space, she asked me to smudge that, too.

As a designer, she clearly knows about the energy of a thing.

Now we've teamed up to bring this energy-clearing into the homes and offices of her clients.

We refer to this work as "the interior of the interior." She transforms the physical spaces, while I transform the energy within those spaces. And it changes things. Big time.