Julianna Ricci elevates you and your life to the next level. Because you are worth it.

"Whether you're a creative individual, an idealist, or just looking to be even better, Julianna is exceptional."



Julianna offers trainings and online workshops across the country that create deep shifts in a person's energy. These programs set in motion the life they've been yearning for. See below.


For those who are ready for laser-focused change in their lives, Julianna's private sessions will offer you precisely that. By combining intensive energy work with coaching, this work is unique & profound.



An easy way to bring energy work into your busy day. Julianna's podcasts bring the energy-shifting of her sessions and classes to you — on your own schedule. All you have to do is tune in & allow.

Shift your energy — in real-time — with Julianna


Julianna's classes focus intensely on doing the work. Your life will change.

You will have shifts that are both tangible and lasting. These classes are for those who are ready for real, sustained change in their lives – for those who are ready to rock and roll.

Are you ready?


Signature coaching to fit your life


There is something undeniable about Julianna's style of Coaching. Client's don't simply shift their lives, they shift their being. They become more of who and what they want to be, and their lives follow suit. Julianna's highly unique approach comes from a melding of her decade's worth of energy healing with her professional coaching. This is her remarkable "special sauce" that creates magical change for each and every client.


Dive deep with Julianna — on the move


The irony is that we need this work most, when we have the least time to do it. Let these podcasts to support you during those busy weeks and trying times. They're here to fit your schedule, so you can keep growing and de-stressing in the midst of real-life demands. You will be changed, simply by listening. It's an easy thing to do, and it will keep you clear when you most need it. Please, tune in — especially when you don't have time.



Discipline is not a 4-Letter Word


Support, encouragement, accountability. These are the pillars of Coaching, and Julianna's enfolds them into her first book in a way that is both groundbreaking and love-filled. Having seen so many clients go through so much heart-ache, trying new technique after new technique, Julianna realized there is just one missing ingredient in their efforts.